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Help Protect Your Employees

Make sure your team meets physical distancing guidelines

Kencee u2 is a new location tracking device made up of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that detect the social distance between employees to ensure that a mandatory two-metre span is respected. In response to the current threat of the COVID-19 crisis, this solution allows you to keep employees safe at all times.

Each tracker is attached to an employee’s belt or shoulder covering a 360-degree detection zone. Precise and robust, this device is simple to use while allowing your employees to go about their regular operating duties.

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Indispensable Assets

The Kencee u2 smart distancing device offers several advantages. It protects your productivity in an intelligent manner on the basis of the following features:


Does not require any software nor infrastructure


Sound, light and vibration notifications are impossible to ignore


Long-lasting rechargeable battery, shock-proof materials for the housing component, sturdy clip


At least 10 times more precise than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE

Simple and Reliable Operation

Each tracker emits a signal several times per second and reports its presence to other trackers. When two trackers detect one another within a two-metre span, they emit a sound, light and vibration signal. The Kencee u2 has a sturdy clip for easy belt or shoulder attachment covering a 360-degree detection zone.

Several new features and additional accessories will be available soon!

Real-time positioning
Tracking history reports of encounters and close contacts
Trigger access systems
Access control to defined areas

Active RFID tag

Active RFID tag


Operating temperature
0 °C – 70 °C
Power supply
3.6 V replaceable long-life battery
Charging wire
USBC (included)
7 cm
7 cm
2 cm
60 g

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