Kencee u2 helps businesses to continue their operations during the pandemic - 12 May 2020

Flash info / Kencee u2 helps businesses to continue their operations during the pandemic

Noovelia markets a social distancing tracker

PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release

Specialized in digital and physical flow management for businesses, Noovelia will provide its expertise to companies in the next weeks by allowing them to continue or resume their operations while meeting government standards in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. The proposed solution will take the form of a social distancing tracker called Kencee u2 that employees would wear to meet the regulations while protecting their health.

For Noovelia, this detection tool is directly aligned with the company’s DNA. Operating with radio frequencies via ultra-wide band technology, which allows maximum accuracy, Kencee u2 offers security and peace of mind to workers as well as their employers. In addition to research and scientific progress, one of the ways to deal with this coronavirus while waiting for a suitable vaccine is to be very well equipped to fight against it. It’s exactly what Noovelia focused on by showing audacity, agility and creativity in adapting to the actual context an already existing product from their line that was not originally designed for this use.

M. Alain Lemieux, vice-president of strategic development and acquisitions at Noovelia, presents a social distancing tracker, Kencee u2. Note that the image is for reference only; the actual product may be different.

We developed the technology behind the Kencee u2 two years ago. Comprehensive and corresponding to the reality, our product has been tested in an aeronautic environment. The actual pandemic hits way beyond the imagination and this crisis is far from being resolved. It is therefore with a lot of pride that today we propose a social distancing tracker of plug and play type that employees attach securely to their clothes while they are present in the factory. Its operation is quite simple and resides in the fact that when a person comes near another person, according to the distancing regulation in effect (two meters), the tracker emits a sound, a light, and vibrations as a warning. Its use is to protect the employees’ health, who are the principal resources of businesses and, thereby, the business continuity”, says M. Alain Lemieux, vice-president of strategic development and acquisitions at Noovelia. “We visit mostly businesses and organizations because a tracker must detect another one to be efficient. All the people in the same environment need to wear one so they can communicate between themselves. In short, COVID-19 has changed the world and will modify human health habits for a while and it is up to us to find ways to live with it in a safe manner”, he adds.

A local solution with a broad vision

Leader in traceability and automation, Noovelia is proud to contribute, in its own way, to the fight against the actual crisis while promoting its immediate region as Kencee u2 is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Louiseville, Mauricie. -2-

Furthermore, note that this announcement is only phase 1 of the project, as Noovelia has its sights set high for this technology. “We sensed that a need for this type of product was starting to emerge in the hospital environment to allow access to secured areas without the need to show a card. It works with trackers equipped with a unique RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) code which makes it possible to identify the person wearing it. In addition, our team is already working on the further development of our tracker to offer, in future versions, different possible configurations including, access management with logbook, movement history and proximity alarm traceability, as well as real-time localization. At Noovelia, more than ever, we wish to contribute to the health and security of workers. That is why different solutions of the group are being transformed or re-engineered in order to meet other needs in the midst of COVID-19”, says M. Lemieux.

Note that more than 10,000 units of Kencee u2 will be produced at first and the unit cost will be $149.99. A volume discount will also be possible for businesses wishing to purchase the product. The first deliveries will start in mid-June in the sequence the orders were received.


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