• How long will it take to implement the Kencee system?

    Between the situation analysis and the system’s launch, it can take between three and six months.

  • How will Kencee connect to our ERP system?

    Our system is flexible and compatible with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) software packages. Kencee will seamlessly transmit the data directly to your ERP system to help you meet your objectives.

  • Does Kencee work in all environments?

    The locating system can be tailored to a multitude of industrial environments. With our in-depth knowledge of production chains and our cutting-edge technology, we will set up Kencee in a way that ensures it operates effectively regardless of any constraints in your facilities (for example, wave-emitting machinery or obstacles like cement walls).

  • What is the service life of the batteries used in Kencee tags?

    The batteries have an expected service life of two years, after which they can be replaced.

  • How do the Kencee receivers transmit data gathered in the plant to the central system?

    The receivers use your existing wireless network to send location data to the Kencee interface. No cables are required, which makes the system much easier to install.